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Real Estate Well Inspection

Crystalflow offers well inspections & diagnostics when purchasing real estate.

Real Estate Well Inspection

A real estate well inspection can also be referred to as a ''Flow Rate Test'' or ''Well Recovery Test''.

The primary function of the inspection is to determine the current state of the well. Is it up to code? What modifications are necessary to bring it up to code? And most importantly, how much water does it produce?

This information is important for several reasons. It will give the prospective purchaser an idea of how the well system will be like to live with. Will they need to space out their water use to let the well recover, or can they water their lawn and do 3 loads of laundry without concern.

The well recovery rate may also be required by the bank in order to qualify for a mortgage. We have encountered several wells during our inspections that will satisfy the water needs of a single person in the house, but will not keep up with the requirements of a family of 4. In these cases, a cistern is usually recommended. This can easily be over $10000 installed with a pump system.

The condition of the well is also important as the infiltration of surface water can contaminate a well that is not up to code or poorly maintained. This can introduce harmful bacteria such a e coli, nitrates, chemicals from fertilizers and also make the well water turbid which can negatively affect the performance and longevity of any water treatment equipment.

At Crystalflow we provide our clients with a very thorough inspection of the well, pumping equipment and water treatment equipment. We will measure the well's total depth, static water level and recovery rate. We send a probe down the well and pump out the water out at a certain flow rate. We will test the raw water for Hardness, Iron, TDS, PH and Sulphur. We will then test the water after the treatment system for these same parameters. This will tell us how effective the treatment system is working and if anything should be addressed.

A well can have water testing high in total dissolved solids (TDS). This could be do to the hardness or other mineral salts in the well. This can be extremely costly to treat and corrosive to water using appliances and plumbing fixtures.

Most of our competition will not test the water, measure the well or inspect the equipment. They will run the water for an hour or less and see if the well runs out. This short-sighted approach can leave potentially costly upgrades or repairs unknown to the purchaser.

Please look at a sample of one of our well inspection reports for further information. Click HERE

Nothing is more important than your family’s health and comfort.

At Crystalflow, we will size up a water treatment system to remove impurities such as excessive minerals, metals, bacteria and toxic substances from your daily water supply. We provide full service and installation to everything that we sell.

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