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Water Softener PLUS Chlorine Removal


Excalibur – CHLOR-A-SOFT Water Softener PLUS Chlorine Removal


A combination system that provides water softening, chlorine and chemical removal. Program once and relax – all you need is water softening salt!


  • Softens water
  • Removes Iron
  • Improves taste
  • Eliminates odour
  • Filters water
  • Removes volatile organic chemicals
  • Computerized design to measure exact water usage
  • Compact one-piece cabinet/twin tank design
  • Uses 80% less salt than traditional water softeners
  • Power outage protective cell, no battery required
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 12 Volt AC for safe operation
  • Bypass valve

Nothing is more important than your family’s health and comfort.

At Crystalflow, we will size up a water treatment system to remove impurities such as excessive minerals, metals, bacteria and toxic substances from your daily water supply. We provide full service and installation to everything that we sell.

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